The Ultimate Guide for Small Roller Compactor

The Ultimate Guide for Small Roller Compactor

A Roller compactor is a construction equipment that is used for compression purposes. Compression is essential in constructing roads and making soft surfaces more stable and hard for other buildings.

The manual compression of large surfaces is almost impossible or needs a day of extensive labor; roller compactors are used to accelerate this task. The roller compactors use large-sized heavy vibratory rollers to get the job done.

When buying a roller compactor, there are multiple options available, from small to large rollers. As the name indicates, small compactors are used for personal or small tasks, while large ones are used for large-scale projects.

In this guide, we will explain all the key factors you should consider while buying a small roller compactor. Take a look at the list before stepping into the market!

1. Roller Compactor Types

Small roller compactors are usually available in four basic types;

  • Vibratory compactor
  • Tire compactor
  • Cylindrical compactor
  • Static compactor

All of these types differ based on their applications and working mechanisms. Let's have a look at what these types are!

• Small Vibratory Compactor

The vibratory roller is the one in which vibratory force is used to density the surface. The vibratory motion increase the force intensity applied on the surface. These compactors usually have smooth rollers. Vibratory rollers are used for asphalt, gravel, sand, soils, and other hard particle surfaces.

• Small Tire Compactor

As the name indicates, a tire compactor uses inflated tires for compression. These compactor covers >80% surface area and is used for surfaces like cold-laid, pavement, and asphalt.

• Small Cylindrical Compactor

A cylindrical roller is a walk-behind roller that is very simple to use. These compactors usually consist of simple cylinders with a handle that a person can quickly push. This type is used for private tasks, ground pitch make, and small-scale applications.

• Small Static Compactor

Opposite the vibratory compactor, the static compactor uses static motion. This type is used for recycling waste.

Alibaba's small roller compactors collection offers all these types and many more. You can choose a compactor according to your requirements.

2. Drum Size and Weight

Small roller compactors are available in different sizes and roller weights. So, before purchasing one, you should consider your requirements. Alibaba roller compactor ranges from 200kg to 10000kg weight.

Weight is not the sole factor for working. It is directly associated with the compactor's fuel consumption, operating efficiency, maintenance cost, and exciting force.

3. Roller Design

The roller in the compactor is available in different designs like smooth, Padfoot, grid roller, temping roller, and others. All these rollers are specified for various applications. Check the details of these rollers to pick the most appropriate one.

4. Warranty

A Roller compactor is a significant investment. So, when spending your bucks, buy a compactor with a warranty. Many large and reliable companies offer 1 to 5 years of warranty on their compactor, and the same is true for the roller compactor on Alibaba.

Wrap Up!

Alibaba's small roller compactor varied from simple to advanced options. When spending the bucks, invest for the right one from where you'll get the best customer service, reasonable price, and quality product.