Horse Saddle Rigging

Horse saddle rigging is the time period used to explain the method of securing the horse’s saddle to the horse by the use of a cinch or girth. This text will give you a few of the fundamentals of saddle rigging, together with an evidence of the varied rigging varieties and positions.

Some rigging is connected on to the saddle tree (also referred to as standard rigging) whereas different rigging is connected to the saddle skirt (in-skirt rigging).

Standard rigging benefits


  • The rigging is bulkier beneath the rider’s leg

Benefits of in-skirt rigging

  • Permits the rider nearer contact with the horse
  • The cinch does not have to be pulled as tight


  • Repairs require the whole skirt to be repaired or changed

Flat plate rigging is a variation of in-skirt rigging that gives the perfect of each worlds. A flat metallic plate is wrapped in layers of leather-based and riveted to the saddle skirt.

Benefits of flat plate rigging

  • There’s much less bulk beneath the rider’s leg
  • Permits the stirrups to swing freely
  • Typically extra sturdy than in-skirt rigging with out the plate

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