Considerable Features of Buttonhole Machine

Considerable Features of Buttonhole Machine

Alibaba buttonhole machine may come as part of a sewing machine or as a separate machine to make holes in clothes for buttoning up a shirt, trousers, pants, etc. this is the basic need of a tailor shop. Sometimes a small business can be started with a single buttonhole machine to give the service of making buttonholes. This can also be a need of homeowners who like to make their dresses themselves and spend a considerable amount of time and money to make their dresses or covers of pillows and cushions etc.

There are many sewing machines available, and it's an overwhelming task to choose one from this much variety. This article is going to help you to consider important facts before you make your decision regarding a buttonhole machine.

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Following are the important features of a buttonhole machine;


The pressers can be of various types and are the most important component of a buttonhole machine. The best ones can easily adjust pressure. These can be single as well as multiple pressers.

Buttonhole Style

An inbuilt style of the hole is another important feature to consider. The buttonhole style should match your preferences. A buttonhole machine may offer 2 to 8 different styles of buttonhole. The more versatile tailor you are more styles you would love.


Speed is another important factor to consider while making a decision 9f buying any kind of machine. The buttonhole machines may have a maximum speed of 4500 stitches per minute. The more the speed, the tough the handling of the machine. Make sure to choose a machine you can easily learn to operate.


Just like sizes, there are also built-in stitches that also vary in number. A good machine may have 23 built-in stitches. You should choose as per your requirement.


Machines that have auto-sizing, auto stitching, and auto thread cutting capacity. These, of course, are the most expensive and luxurious for tailors and homeowners.

Thread cutter

The thread cutter's ease is also important for today's fast-paced life. Some machines may come with automatic thread cutters, otherwise have manual thread cutters, and others that don't have any thread cutter.

LCD screen

The buttonhole area is very small. So, some machines come with a built-in LCD to show the size, style, and stitch of a buttonhole in the making.


Most sewing and buttonhole machines are made of 9f heavy metallic frames. But some also come in lightweight, durable plastic 1frames. These offer ease of mobility. Former offer durability up to decades

Extension Table 

Such machines come with a complete setup and may be operated on foot. Other than that, it has storage for accessories.


The arm can be fixed, adjustable, and separate for the machine to be operated by a tailor or homeowner. Sometimes a machine doesn't have an arm and can be pushed by feet or may have a pushing button to operate it.


Again needle threaders are of two types manual and automatic. Mostly automatic needle threaders are embedded in automatic machines but can sometimes be found in manual ones.

Auto Sizing 

This is the feature of an automated machine only, as discussed already.


Like needles, rings, etc., a box to place these may also come with a machine.


You can customize a machine for stitch sizes, styles, and several stitches.

Conclusion is a one-stop-shop for you to buy all kinds of buttonhole machines. You may also customize your machine. While deciding, keep the features described above in mind and buy a machine that gives you maximum value for your money.